Welcome to Southern Grampians!

We're pleased to welcome Victoria's Southern Grampians Shire Council to the Spendmapp users' group. They've just received their 15 months of historical data going back to March 2017, with June 2018 transactions about to be uploaded. We took a quick look at their data (hope you don't mind, Hugh) and saw a few interesting trends.

Firstly, spending is bouncing back healthily from the usual post-Christmas downturn, up by 14% this May from February 2018. More interestingly, despite total spend being up, escape spend is down. This is something a lot of regional and rural councils are worried about, but as the figure above shows, in the Southern Grampians at least, it is trending down in both absolute terms and relative to total spend. Undoubtedly, the Shire's economic development and tourism team will unravel why this is happening as well as draw other insights from the data. Welcome aboard. 

Kevin Johnson