What information will Spendmapp give you?

Visitor and Resident and Online Spending 

Spending by LGA as well as Suburb and/or SA2 

Spending by Residents Outside your LGA (Escape Spend) 

15 Expenditure Categories 

Bulky Goods – Department Stores – Dining & Entertainment – Discount Department Stores & Clothing & Textiles – Furniture & Other Household Goods - Light Industry –Personal Services – Professional Services – Specialised Food Retailing – Specialised & Luxury Goods – Trades & Contractors – Transport – Travel - Other 

Expenditure by Time of Day 

  • All Hours 

  • Work Hours (Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 6.00pm) 

  • Non-work Hours (Monday to Friday 6.00pm - 8.00am, Weekends and Public Holidays) 

Estimated Daily Visitor Numbers 

Daily, Monthly and Yearly Spending 

Turn information into insights:

Monitor spending by geography, category and time 

You can see how you are tracking at suburb and/or SA2 level. Spendmapp uses an interactive mapping tool to visualise expenditure flows. Comparison metrics include escape expenditure, total expenditure, expenditure by industry and suburb/SA2, expenditure by resident and local populations and expenditure by time of day. Find out where visitors are coming from within Australia and where your residents are travelling to spend. 

Confidently measure the economic impact of local events 

Get immediate feedback on the success of your event. Compare events year-on-year. Measure, in exact dollar figures, the return on investment in music or sporting festivals, or the impact of natural disasters. Monitor the size of your night-time economy. Dig deeper and analyse the changes in spending by industry and location before, during and after your event. 

Learn how to reduce escape expenditure 

For the first time, local governments can measure the real volume and direction of their escape expenditure, and target planning to stop the loss. Spendmapp data helped the Shire of Broome design a local commercial strategy that reduced escape expenditure from local shopping areas. We also helped the City of Greater Geraldton identify local investment opportunities to divert their escape expenditure. In the Shire of Nillumbik we used escape spend data to identify local business investment opportunities. 

Track jobs and floorspace demand created by policy and investment decisions 

Spendmapp data is accurate. Unlike the simulated data in most economic growth models, it is based on actual expense transactions by location, time and industry. Use accurate year-on-year growth data to track the change in floorspace demand and quantify the potential growth of employment as spending activity changes. 


How Spendmapp is being used:


Case Study: Using Spendmapp Data to Inform Nighttime Economy Activities

This is for users who want to know more about their local nighttime economy or who are developing initiatives to increase visitor numbers.

Case Study: Clawing Back Escape Expenditure Can Create Local Business Opportunities

This case study is for Spendmapp users who are interested in understanding escape expenditure and how this information can help identify new local business opportunities.

Case Study: Using Spendmapp to Estimate the Service Population

This case study is for Spendmapp users who are interested in estimating the total service population in their region.

Case Study: Using Spendmapp Data to Analyse the Impact of Major Events

This case study is for Spendmapp users who are interested in analysing the impact of major events.

Case Study: Using Spendmapp Data to Inform Policy Solutions for a Declining Economy

This is for users who want to know more about how to use Spendmapp data to develop policy solutions for a declining economy.


The Spendmapp Team provides training for new subscribers, in application support monitored from 9am-5pm AEDT, weekdays and a dynamic user Knowledge Base featuring tutorials, case studies and other information. 

 Geografia’s data science team, with specialists in economics and demographics are also available for consulting services for those more complex projects.