Spendmapp is an intuitive, browser-based web application that uses bank data to accurately measure event impact, and track economic growth, online, visitor and escape expenditure.

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Track jobs and floorspace demand created by policy and investment decisions

Spendmapp data is highly accurate. Unlike the simulated data in most economic growth models, it is based on actual expense transactions by location, time and industry. Use the year-on-year growth data to track the change in floorspace demand and quantify the potential growth of employment as spending activity changes.


Confidently measure the economic impact of local events

Get immediate feedback on the success of your event. Compare events year-on-year. Measure, in exact dollar figures (and not an index value), the return on investment in music or sporting festivals, or the impact of climate change induced natural disasters. Monitor the size of your night-time economy. Dig deeper and analyse the changes in spending by industry and location before, during and after your event, down to day-to-day transactions.


Learn how to reduce escape expenditure

For the first time, local governments can measure the real volume and direction of their escape expenditure, and target planning to stop the loss. Spendmapp data helped the Shire of Broome to design a local commercial strategy that reduced escape expenditure from local shopping areas. Our app also helped Greater Geraldton identify local investment opportunities to divert their escape expenditure. Councils all over Australia are now using it to see where their escape spend is going, how much it is and where the opportunities are to claw some of it back.


Benchmark your economy against other suburbs or municipalities

You can compare how you are tracking at a suburb, SA2 or LGA level. Spendmapp uses an interactive mapping tool to visualise expenditure flows within your LGA and between you and other LGAs. Comparison metrics include escape expenditure, total expenditure, expenditure by industry, SA2 and suburb, expenditure by resident and local populations, and expenditure by time of day.

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Spendmapp PlansDashboard Get an overview of your local economy and learn how money flows in and out of your region.Unlocking your economySpendmappAccess to the entire Spendmapp product with all of the features described here.Municipal ProfileA map-based tool to explore demographic Census data for your municipality and smaller areas.Population ForecastsGender, age-cohort and household projections by Australias leading demographer and forecaster.Economic ProfileA map-based tool to explore economic and workplace Census data for your municipality and smaller areas.Economic ModelAn economic impact model to measure the flow-on effects of changes across industries.Category AnalysisBreak down expenditure into 15 market sectors from Bulky Goods to Professional Services.Location AnalysisUse spatial data to discover how money moves in and out of your suburbs and/or SA2s.Location ProfilesGet a breakdown of activity for each of your suburbs and/or SA2s and draw comparisons.Performance IndicatorsTranslate the changes in your economy to impacts on jobs and floorspace and benchmark with other types of regions.Daily TrackerView daily expenditure data for your suburbs or SA2s and discover trends, anomalies and event and policy impacts.Pricing will be based on ERP at time of subscriptionPRIMEOur full demographic & economic analytics package$5,000 - $30,000 per year(+$3,900 to view both suburbs and SA2s)$10,000 - $60,000 per year(+$3,900 to view both suburbs and SA2s)

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