Take your analysis further

“We’d like simple analytics.” | “We love Spendmapp. Can I customise our data for a specific purpose?”

These are two of the most common things we hear from Spendmapp users (apart from how useful they find the Spendmapp data!)

We always listen to what our customers are telling us, plus we love a good challenge, so we set about finding a way to present simple, report-ready analytics in a customisable and affordable interface. This page contains examples of custom dashboards we have built using other data sources as well as Spendmapp data.

NTE Dashboard

The Night Time Economy (NTE) Dashboard uses Spendmapp data along with other social media and place of interest data. Built with Microsoft’s PowerBI platform, it’s an easy and affordable way to visualise your night-time economy.

Click on the ‘Launch’ button to start exploring.

Big thanks to the City of Greater Geelong for letting us share their data.

Trends and Leading Indicators

The Trends and Leading Indicators dashboard aggregates data from all Spendmapp users to paint a picture of the state of the Australian economy. It shows percentage change in spending over the last few years, and focuses in on selected Expenditure Categories. Combined it shows how the consumer economy is trending up until the latest month of available Spendmapp data. This time we’re using the Story function in Tableau to host the data.

Click on the ‘Full Screen’ button to read the Story about Australia’s consumer economy.

Have your own idea for a dashboard? Get in touch and let’s see what we can do.